Hawley Emergency Response Team

A Minnesota Non-Profit 501c(3) Corporation
- Dedicated to Saving Lives Since 1978 -

Emergency Medical Services (911)

Heavy Rescue Extrication

Ice/Water Rescue Operations

EMS Stand-by Services

EMS Education
About Us:


After the Vigen Funeral Home's ambulance operation in Hawley ceased operations in 1967, there was no local emergency medical service available.  This situation was changed by a group of Hawley area citizens concerned enough to take action.  Our organization was founded on January 9, 1978 and was incorporated as a non-profit on January 31, 1978.

The group obtained an emergency vehicle, a 1964 Pontiac Ambulance, donated by Ringdahl Ambulance Service of Fergus Falls and a telephone and radio dispatch center was set up at the Hawley Manor.  The necessary medical equipment was obtained through funds given by individuals, organizations, businesses and the State of Minnesota and the squad officially began operations on April 1, 1978, making it the first rescue squad in Clay County, Minnesota.

H.E.R.T. responded to many calls in a large portion of Clay County until additional Rescue Squads were formed.  Today, Clay County is covered by seven Rescue Squads which include Hawley, Glyndon, Ulen, Felton, Sabin, Wolverton and Harwood (ND).

The Hawley Emergency Response Team is a Medical Response Unit (MRU), as registered with the Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board of Minnesota (EMSRB), which responds to emergencies prior to the arrival of a transporting Ambulance Service.

H.E.R.T. provides Emergency Medical First Responder Services as well as "Heavy Rescue" Extrication.  We also carry other "specialty" rescue equipment such as, but not limited to Res-Q-Jack , Glass-Master & Column Master.  We also operate a water rescue boat in conjunction with the Clay County Sheriff's Department and provide Ice/Water rescue operations with our "Rescue Alive" unit.

H.E.R.T. responds with the Hawley Fire Department on structure fires for medical stand-by and rehab services for the fire department personnel.  The Hawley Fire Department also responds with us on motor vehicle crashes for support, operations, and fire suppression services. 

Our apparatus consists of a  1993 Ford Mobile Medical Ambulance, a 1997 GMC 1-ton Crew-Cab 4x4 Heavy Rescue Unit, 2004 GMC 1500HD Crew-Cab 4x4 Pickup w/snow plow, 14' Rescue Boat, "Rescue Alive" Ice/Water rescue unit mounted on a trailer, Disaster Trailer (Clay County) and our original vehicle, a  1964 Pontiac Ambulance.

We also provide EMS stand-by services for area events as well as CPR, AED, First-Aid and other courses.

We're happy to have the 5K back in 2022!